Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Bad are You at....

I have to tell you I am the worst at putting away my make-up and jewelry. Oh! And my bobby pins! I think every table top and counter in my apartment has at least one of those items on it. I have tried many different tricks to keep it organized but come night I just take off my jewelry and hair pins where I am sitting. I have many different little trays, boxes and tins around the place to try and help me to at least try to keep them in designated spot but its no hope everything is everywhere. Do you have any tips or do you have a nasty little habit that you can't seem to stop?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Brother Comes to Town

I am very happy to say my brother finally came to see me! My brother Matt and his girlfriend Jeanie came to visit for a long weekend, that felt very short to me, this past month. I was having so much fun showing them where I worked, my favorite parts of town and the people who have become my family away from home. We started our adventure off with lunch at the restaurant I work at Arts and Letters Cafe. We ordered three different dishes to share; the Lamb Salad, the ALC Burger, the Flatbread, and


So, I fell off the blog, oops. But, I am back! I had many distractions lately and I just could seem to find my way back here. Though now I have many things to share with you! Stories from my brothers visit to my friend Emi's Birthday. I hope you all forgive me!