Friday, October 12, 2012

Live Here!!!


         I found this little gem on the web and its a town with NO roads! Isn't that great?! This just seems like a place you can get lost in thought. I imagine most of our daily troubles would change and shift while living here, stress would melt away. I may be wrong but in my dream life that I am painting, if I lived here it would be like living in a utopia!

What I am Over the Moon For....

Here are a few things I can't get enough of!

This candle that smells like home during the holidays..
It's Crackling Birch by Illume

This Song...

This Lipstick..

This Movie... (always)

and These Hips!


My New Game

Now, ever since i started working at Anthropologie I have started playing a new game

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Bad are You at....

I have to tell you I am the worst at putting away my make-up and jewelry. Oh! And my bobby pins! I think every table top and counter in my apartment has at least one of those items on it. I have tried many different tricks to keep it organized but come night I just take off my jewelry and hair pins where I am sitting. I have many different little trays, boxes and tins around the place to try and help me to at least try to keep them in designated spot but its no hope everything is everywhere. Do you have any tips or do you have a nasty little habit that you can't seem to stop?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Brother Comes to Town

I am very happy to say my brother finally came to see me! My brother Matt and his girlfriend Jeanie came to visit for a long weekend, that felt very short to me, this past month. I was having so much fun showing them where I worked, my favorite parts of town and the people who have become my family away from home. We started our adventure off with lunch at the restaurant I work at Arts and Letters Cafe. We ordered three different dishes to share; the Lamb Salad, the ALC Burger, the Flatbread, and


So, I fell off the blog, oops. But, I am back! I had many distractions lately and I just could seem to find my way back here. Though now I have many things to share with you! Stories from my brothers visit to my friend Emi's Birthday. I hope you all forgive me!

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Time, More like Needs to Happen Time

     So, for "My Time" Mondays I did more of "OMG I Have to Clean" Monday. It was well needed. I didn't have a chance to do a good clean in quite a few days. I did a deep clean in the bathroom and even re-organized Johns closet (that thing had no rhyme or reason). Now I am happy to say I am sitting down and relaxing! The only way I got through it was to have a nice cold beer in the middle (it helped a lot!) Have you ever need to take the edge off cleaning with a drink?

What a Weekend

     Well, hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I will be honest mine was FULL! John and I had to drive to San Francisco to get my car, in ONE day. It was a very long Friday, I think I am still recovering. John and I left Thursday night at about midnight, that was when we got off work other wise there is no way we would have left that late.
    I am happy to say my car is looking lovely. Having her back was worth the long journey! I love my car and missed her dearly!
     John and I did end up getting quite stir crazy in the car so we made a stop at the Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles, Ca. It was a lot of fun and a well needed drink and stretch of the legs. I wouldn't make a special trip out for it but I wouldn't mind making it another pit stop on a long drive home.
Have you ever had to cram a long drive in a short amount of time? Any Fun pit stops along the way?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Got A Tastey Thank You!

    I have to say I love unexpected thank you gifts! Today at work I had to stay late ffor an ice cream delivery, and boy did it pay off! Rori (the lovely ice cream maker) gave me a pint of the Lemon Curd ice cream as a think you for waiting around! MMMMMMMM! Have you recieved any unexpected thank you gifts?
Oh No I missed a day!
    Sorry everyone for not having my "Wardrobe" Wednesday post. I actually never had an outfit on yesterday. I went straight from my uniform for work to work out clothes to PJs. But do I get forgiveness points for being healthy and working out? I hope so.
     I think I might miss todays theme too, but for a great reason. John and I have to drive up the coast tonight to pick up my baby (my car) from a body shop in San Francisco. A couple weeks ago John and I went to Outside Lands in San Francisco with a bunch of friends and it was great! But sadly my car had a nasty smash and grab pulled on her and they did quite the number on my car! Now I get her back! I was a mess about it, lots of crying! Have you ever been rob? Please share your own story.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Truthful" Tuesday

         Here's the truth, I am not always a healthy eater. Today my guilty pleasure was a hot French dip with onion rings from Norton's Deli in Santa Barbara (with a side of ranch). Oh how I love yummy guilt.
Now tell the truth, did you eat anything bad today?

Monday, August 20, 2012

"My Time" Monday

    I spend a lot of time alone, and I love it! I think many people forget how great it is to have time to themselves. Today I had plenty of "me time" after work. I started right off with catching up with my sister Sarah! We live across the country from each other now, she is in Tinley Park, IL and I am in Santa Barbara, Ca, so keeping up is important but doesn't happen enough. Having the house to myself so I can focus on Sarah is amazing and my favorite way to catch up with her, she has all of my attention!
    While I was talking to Sarah I also started making my dinner, my very unhealthy dinner! I think like most young working couples John and I (thats my boyfriend who I live with) have a very sparse pantry, so dinner was a box of yorkshire puddings! Yep! Yorkshire pudding for dinner, without the prime rib! And guess what ? It was great! I even made some gravy to put on top. Sinner!
    After letting my sister go and eating my sinful pudding I had time to fall into the world of looking at blogs (more "me time" things) when I had I nice phone call from my friend Diana! More catching up time! Diana was living in Santa Barbara and was my daily go to girlfriend but she got an amazing job as an art dealer for Leslie Sacks Fine Art in Santa Monica (check it out!). I am so happy for her, but now we get to play the lovely game of phone tag. 
  Now sadly I did have to do my dishes and laundry but while I waited for the clothes I had time to do a little reading and sat down with my new addition of Kinfolk. If you have not heard of this amazing magazine/book I say, start getting your hands on it. Its filled with intimate stories and photo essays, DIYs and recipes. They call it "A Guide For Small Gatherings" and I love it! And you can not sit down for a read with out a drink, today was a hot one so I had red wine over ice with ginger ale, mmm yummy!
Well That was "My Time" for Monday!
What did you do for "Your Time" today?

Welcome and thank you for joining me. Simply I am Katie Brady, and I want to share with you. Share what you may ask, just about almost anything, many rules applied :). I have been playing with a few daily topics, "My Time" Mondays (things I do when I have free time for myself); "Truthful" Tuesdays (share a guilty pleasure I had recently such as eating rich food or spending a little too much money on something); "Wardrobe" Wednesday (an outfit put together and what inspired it); "Try it" Thursday (I find a DIY or recipe and give it a go); and "Friend Filled" Fridays (something I did with the girls or something they did that impacted me). Well, what do you think?!
I hope it is a fun start. I think I picked some fun and silly things to talk about. I hope you enjoy and will check in with me often.
Lets dig in!