Monday, September 24, 2012

Brother Comes to Town

I am very happy to say my brother finally came to see me! My brother Matt and his girlfriend Jeanie came to visit for a long weekend, that felt very short to me, this past month. I was having so much fun showing them where I worked, my favorite parts of town and the people who have become my family away from home. We started our adventure off with lunch at the restaurant I work at Arts and Letters Cafe. We ordered three different dishes to share; the Lamb Salad, the ALC Burger, the Flatbread, and
started with the famous pumpkin soup. Needless to say there was nothing left!
After lunch we headed over to Santa Barbaras famous court house, its the tallest building in Santa Barbara so you can look out over the whole town. It is breath taking! Plus walking the grounds and around the building is quite the treat too!
We then went up to the mission and took a drive on the APS. After that the days just flew by. Trips to the beach, great nights out to dinner at The Hungry CatJulienne, and my boyfriends place Bouchon, and plenty of wine tasting! I got a kick out of how everywhere we when we ran into someone I knew! I think my brother now understands how small town and amazing Santa Barbara is! I hope I gave home plenty of stories to share back home and hopefully that will entice more people to come visit! I was sad to see them leave but can't wait for them to come back again! Love you Brother!

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