Tuesday, May 7, 2013


If you know me you know I DO NOT DRINK COFFEE, but I am about to blow all of your minds...


I got on the coffee train. Coffee, to me, had always tasted like licking the pavement, I hated it. So even though everyone told me it was a taste you just had to learn to like, I thought WHY?! Now, you must be wondering why I started to drink THE coffee. Truth is I felt the need to kick the diet coke addiction, but, I could not live without caffeine (i mean I work two jobs, get real). 
So, I started slow, you know, iced with tons of milk and sugar. And wouldn't you know, everyone was right, you really do start to love it. Now I am full blown, I even had my first iced coffee today BLACK! Crazy right!? 
Now I got myself a very fun new drip. Coffee like a pro I know, I just think if I'm going to do this lets have fun with it and do it like a hipster, what I dream of being hehehe. So, my question is what is you favorite way to drink coffee and what is your favorite roast? I have allot to learn so teach me!

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  1. welcome to the land of coffee! it's a beautiful world.

    my favorite type of coffee is French Press. That's what Shane made you when you had your very first coffee at someone's house! It's strong and aromatic and perfect to get you going in the morning. You can buy a French Press at Coffee Bean or Starbucks, and the coffee you can get anywhere but you have to make sure it is ground for a French Press--ie. very very finely ground.

    I also really love my Kureig machine. It's super convenient, easy for on the go coffees and it requires NO CLEAN UP,which is like a coffee addicts dream.

    If you're already progressing to having your coffee black, I'd say you're well on your way to experiencing some great coffees!

    Try a cappuccino, but only from a true Italian restaurant. Only get a latte when it is in a huge cup and you can sit and really enjoy it. Espresso shots are also super killer but again, that's for when you really need a pick me up.