Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Minutes

   I have been trying to put a better foot forward with myself lately and one of the ways I am trying to do that is getting back in shape. But I'll be honest I am not always the best about it. The idea of setting aside a few hours a day to hit the gym seems overwhelming. That's when Pop Sugar Fitness was introduced to me!

  My great friend Casey Balsham and I were trying to go hiking at Runyon Canyon and The Santa Monica Stairs twice and week,

and we have a great stint where we were doing it but life happened and we fell off track. Casey then stumbled upon Pop Sugar Fitness and its amazing 10 minute workouts! Now we still try to get out and hike but on the days where you can't dream of setting the time aside there is always the quick 10 minutes work out! We also got our friend Ashley on board and the three of us hold each other accountable by texting each other each time we did a work out and what work out we did.

So no more excuses and get fit, its just 10 minutes!

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