Saturday, February 8, 2014

Casey Balsham

This is Casey Balsham and she is an amazing friend of mine. She also happens to be one of the funniest comedians I know. She has been does stand up all over L.A. and San Diego. Sadly for me (but super lucky for New Yorkers) she is moving to New York City at the end of February. I am going to miss this women dearly, she is one of the most endearing friends I have who always is someone I can lean on.

So, this month is her month. We had her Birthday the other night, later this month we have her going away party, and everything in between. So, I can't wait to visit her in New York and find tons of silly adventures with her. Until that trip, I can't wait just to hear her stories of new people, new gigs and new favorite places. I wish her well and miss her already, even though she hasn't even left yet. If you don't know of her it's time to start paying attention.

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