Monday, August 20, 2012

"My Time" Monday

    I spend a lot of time alone, and I love it! I think many people forget how great it is to have time to themselves. Today I had plenty of "me time" after work. I started right off with catching up with my sister Sarah! We live across the country from each other now, she is in Tinley Park, IL and I am in Santa Barbara, Ca, so keeping up is important but doesn't happen enough. Having the house to myself so I can focus on Sarah is amazing and my favorite way to catch up with her, she has all of my attention!
    While I was talking to Sarah I also started making my dinner, my very unhealthy dinner! I think like most young working couples John and I (thats my boyfriend who I live with) have a very sparse pantry, so dinner was a box of yorkshire puddings! Yep! Yorkshire pudding for dinner, without the prime rib! And guess what ? It was great! I even made some gravy to put on top. Sinner!
    After letting my sister go and eating my sinful pudding I had time to fall into the world of looking at blogs (more "me time" things) when I had I nice phone call from my friend Diana! More catching up time! Diana was living in Santa Barbara and was my daily go to girlfriend but she got an amazing job as an art dealer for Leslie Sacks Fine Art in Santa Monica (check it out!). I am so happy for her, but now we get to play the lovely game of phone tag. 
  Now sadly I did have to do my dishes and laundry but while I waited for the clothes I had time to do a little reading and sat down with my new addition of Kinfolk. If you have not heard of this amazing magazine/book I say, start getting your hands on it. Its filled with intimate stories and photo essays, DIYs and recipes. They call it "A Guide For Small Gatherings" and I love it! And you can not sit down for a read with out a drink, today was a hot one so I had red wine over ice with ginger ale, mmm yummy!
Well That was "My Time" for Monday!
What did you do for "Your Time" today?

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