Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh No I missed a day!
    Sorry everyone for not having my "Wardrobe" Wednesday post. I actually never had an outfit on yesterday. I went straight from my uniform for work to work out clothes to PJs. But do I get forgiveness points for being healthy and working out? I hope so.
     I think I might miss todays theme too, but for a great reason. John and I have to drive up the coast tonight to pick up my baby (my car) from a body shop in San Francisco. A couple weeks ago John and I went to Outside Lands in San Francisco with a bunch of friends and it was great! But sadly my car had a nasty smash and grab pulled on her and they did quite the number on my car! Now I get her back! I was a mess about it, lots of crying! Have you ever been rob? Please share your own story.


  1. i have never been rob lol!

    i am so glad you are going up today to get the car because that means i can see you this weekend when i come up to get my stuff! yay! and now we can start planning trips again :) come visit me asap after i come up this weekend.

    1. That is a must! I can't wait to have some real free time to play!